Epiphany Luxe – Walnut

 350,00 inc. VAT

A notepad with integrated light! Crafted for nighttime clarity, our notepad illuminates gently for undisturbed reflections, turning nightly thoughts into a ritual for brighter mornings.


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Discover the nightstand companion for clear minds and good habits. Our notepad lights up gently when you’re ready to jot down thoughts, ensuring you record late-night inspirations, track habits, or journal without disturbing your sleep or your partner’s. It’s not just a notepad, it’s a nightly ritual for better mornings.

  • Notepad with Integrated Light and Pen detection
  • Three Modes ON – OFF – AUTOMATIC
  • Powered by two AA Batteries
  • Batteries last for Months because of the energy efficient design
  • made from sustainably sourced Hardwood
  • accented by Brass
  • designed and produced in Austria



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